From design to installation, Labriola Landscaping is known for unique and beautiful landscaping and masonry. Bring your home or office to its full potential.

Annuals • Perennials • Evergreens • Specimens • New Sod Lawns • Re-seed Existing Lawns • Tree Pruning and Removal • Stump Grinding • Commercial Maintenance

Let the experts at Labriola Landscaping assist with your drainage needs.

Remedies for: Water in the Basement • Pooling in the Backyard • Cracks in the Foundation

Installation of: Catch Basins • Storm Sewers • Rebuilding Old Catch Basins and Drywells • Curtain/French Drains • Cultec Systems

Labriola Landscaping also provides Blacktop services including:

Installation of New Driveways • Resurfacing of Existing Driveways • Sealcoating (to give that new look to an old road or driveway) • Cobblestone Entrances • Cobblestone Curbing • Paver Driveways • Paver Entrances • Unilock Driveways • Parking Lots • Concrete Curbing

The first step to a beautiful home is the masonry. Masonry work should always be done before the planting of any trees, shrubs, and lawn area.

Patios • Piers • Brick Pavers • Retaining Walls • Sitting Walls • Unilock Walls • Walkways • Stairs • Water Features • Outdoor Kitchens • Fire Pits • Fireplaces
Landscape Lighting

Labriola Landscaping also designs and installs landscape lighting. Landscape lighting adds both aesthetic and functional benefits to your home or office.


The experts at Labriola Landscaping can help to design your lawn sprinkler and irrigation needs, keeping your precious lawn and landscaping hydrated throughout the year. We use top quality Hunter products in all of our irrigation systems.

The Hunter PS Spray: Extra-large filter prevents clogs Nozzle passes small particles, further reducing clogs Efficient Water Distribution Adjustable radius & discharge rates
The Hunter PGP Rotary: Nozzles are designed for efficient watering and distribution No brown spots near the sprinkler head, or anywhere Set of interchangeable nozzles Simple to fine-tune to your needs without the need to change nozzles
The Hunter ICC Controller: Controls up to 48 stations Four independent programs Maximum scheduling choices, daily, odd/even days, monthly Program data is retained during power loss without the need for a battery
Hunter Mini-Click® Rain Sensors: Prevents embarrassment and waste of water and money Easy to install on any automatic sprinkler system Adjusts shut-off time based on the amount of rain that fell Adjustable activation from 1/8” – 1” of rainfall
Commercial Snowplowing & Maintenance

However harsh a winter, Labriola Landscaping Trucks are out to plow you out. Ask us about annual Snowplowing & Maintenance contracts.

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