Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions at Labriola Landscaping

Q:  Are permits needed for my job?

A:  The need for a permit for your job varies depending on which town/city you live in and what type of project it is.  Typically, new patios, new driveways usually require permits.  Landscaping and small repairs typically do not.

Q:  Who is responsible for obtaining permit?

A:  It is the responsibility of the homeowner(s) to obtain permits from their town/city including any fees or any drawings (if required) .  We will gladly assist with permit process.

Q:  Is using a licensed contractor important?

A:  As a homeowner, it is extremely important to hire a licensed & insured contractor.  Your home is one of your most important investments.  Hiring a contractor that is not licensed and insured is extremely risky and could lead to damage to your home, unfinished work, dangerous conditions and without these safeguards; it puts your home, and your family in danger.  Always obtain references from your contractor.

Q:  What kind of guarantee do you offer?

A:  All new shrubs and trees are guaranteed for 1 year from time of installation with proper watering and maintenance.  All new masonry is guaranteed for 2 years from time of completion of job.

Q:  What are your payment terms?

A:  We require 1/3 deposit upon signing of contract, 1/3 halfway through project, and final payment upon completion of job.

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